CTEK 56-314 Wall Hanger 300 Charger Hanger

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CTEK 56-314 General Information

  • Wall hanging storage bracket.
  • Cable tidy hook.
  • ideal for professional workshop use.
  • Compatible with MXS 25 and MXT 14.

The 56-314 Wall Hanger 300 allows convenient storage or mounting of larger CTEK workshop chargers.

The Wall Hanger 300 comprises of two parts; a permanent wall mounting plate and a carrier which attaches to the charger body. Once the wall plate has been mounted to the wall, the carrier can quickly and easily be hooked onto it, allowing convenient, tidy storage of the charger.

The hook on the charger carrier plate also includes soft rubber bumpers, allowing the charger to be conveniently hung from a partially open car window whilst the charger is in use.