CTEK 56-564 Comfort Indicator Pigtail

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CTEK 56-564 Comfort Indicator Pigtail General Information

A handy combination of "traffic light" LED charge level indicator and quick connector for CTEK chargers - ideal for motorcycle batteries that are hard to reach.

The Comfort Indicator's "traffic light" LED system lets you know the state of charge of your battery at rest (engine and electrical devices switched off) simply and clearly via green, yellow and red LEDs. The Comfort Indicator is connected to the motorcycle battery using an SAE connector which plugs on to a preinstalled connection cable equipped with SAE counterpart (as is the case with many Harley Davidson models). You then mount the charge indicator with integrated connector for CTEK chargers in an easily accessible place on the chassis or other part of your motorbike. The Comfort Indicator thus makes it easy to connect your CTEK battery charger without having to get at the battery itself, while the integrated charge level indicator means you always know when your battery needs charging.

Battery charge indicators (battery at rest; engine and electrical devices switched off):

  • green: battery is OK and does not require charging (battery charge higher than 12.65 V)
  • yellow: battery is partially discharged and must be charged (battery voltage between 12.4 V and 12.65 V)
  • red: battery is empty and charging is urgently required (battery voltage less than 12.4 V)