CTEK 56-629 M6 Comfort Indicator Eyelet

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CTEK 56-629 General Information

  • Cable length: 0.55m
  • 6.4mm ring terminals.

CTEK's new add-on Comfort Indicator eyelet is designed and developed to make vehicle battery maintenance easy and convenient.

The Comfort Indicator shows the status of the battery and indicates when the harmful sulphation process begins, allowing a quick and easy remedial charge to be applied before battery degradation occurs.

Compatible with CTEK charger with a Comfort Connect compatible connector, ie. black inline connector with orange inner section within battery connection leads (NOT XT14000 or XS25000).

Description of Light Sequence

  • Flashing Green - More than 90% charged and does not require charging.
  • Flashing Orange - More than 80% charged and should be charged to avoid harmful acid stratification.
  • Flashing Red - Less than 80% charged, sulphation may be occurring and the vehicle may be in danger of not starting.