CTEK 56-870 Comfort Connect Cig-Plug

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CTEK 56-870 General Information

  • Compatible with all CTEK Comfort Connect 12V chargers up to 7 amps.
  • 50mm cable.
  • 230mm overall length
  • 7 amp maximum current.
  • Fits standard 21MM cigarette lighter sockets.
  • Also fits 12mm Hella/DIN type accessory sockets.

Comfort Connect Cig-Plug is a Comfort Indicator designed to work with any 12V accessory (cig socket). Any 12V CTEK charger up to 7A can be used with this accessory.

In order to use this lead, the cigarette lighter needs to be live with the ignition turned off.

CTEK's Comfort Connect Cig-Plug can prolong the life expectancy of the battery as it makes sure it can always be fully charged and it indicates when the harmful sulphation process begins. It is perfect for all CTEK 12V battery chargers with Comfort Connect.

Description of Light Sequence

  • Flashing Green - More than 90% charged and does not require charging.
  • Flashing Orange - More than 80% charged and should be charged to avoid harmful acid stratification.
  • Flashing Red - Less than 80% charged, sulphation may be occurring and the vehicle may be in danger of not starting.