CTEK 56-924 Intelligent Battery Analyzer

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CTEK 56-924 General Information

Working in partnership with Midtronic, the world's leading authority in electrical battery testing, CTEK have launched the 12V Battery Analyser; a simple to use unit that tests, with high accuracy, the condition of all types of 12V lead-acid batteries and provides an immediate indication of any action that is required.

Key features of the product are:

Compatible - the CTEK 12V Battery Analyser is compatible with all types of 12V lead-acid batteries including Wet, Maintenance Free, Ca/Ca, Gel and AGM

Wide testing range - the CTEK 12V Battery Analyser can test batteries ranging in size from 200A to 1,200A

Ease of use - simply attach to battery and follow the on screen instructions

Safe - producing no heat or sparks, the CTEK 12V Battery Analyser also undertakes the test without placing a load on the battery, protecting the user, the battery and ECU settings

Fast, Accurate Results - the CTEK 12V Battery Analyser tests the battery in seconds providing an instant on screen result which advises what action should be taken, either:

  • Battery Good
    • the battery is in good condition and there is no need to charge the battery.
  • Good Recharge
    • the battery is in good condition but charging is required to restore capacity
  • Charge and Retest
    • charge the battery and test again (the Battery Analyser wants to ensure the battery can retain the charge)
  • Replace Battery
    • the battery can no longer be relied upon to provide adequate service and should be replaced immediately

The CTEK 12V Battery Analyser has patented test functions for maximum accuracy and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Our entry into battery testing reflects the huge changes in vehicle technology. In order to ensure that the battery is providing optimum power to the vehicle, owners need to not only make sure that the battery is fully conditioned and charged, they increasingly need to be aware of the state of the battery too so that they can ensure the most appropriate action can be taken.