Ctek CS Free - 12v Portable Charger And Wall Mount Pack

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Portable charging and Adaptive Boosting you can take anywhere. The CS FREE: it’s a fully portable 12V Power bank for your vehicle.

  • No need to be tied to a power outlet.
  • Internal battery charges up within 1 hour.
  • Stays fully charged for up to a year.
  • Adaptive Boost gets your flat battery safely charged up within 15 minutes without damaging your vehicle’s electronics.
  • Charges and maintains all types of lead acid and lithium batteries and keeps them in peak condition.
  • Simple to use – no modes, just a clear, easy to read display.
  • Charges up your portable tech – smart phones, tablets and laptops etc.
  • Recharge or power from service battery and solar.

Flat battery? No problem! 

Maybe you don’t use your vehicle every day, or you have a car, motorcycle or another leisure vehicle that only gets taken out every now and then – or you keep it in storage over the close season.  One day you decide to take it out but – and probably not for the first time – you find your battery’s flat. So what happens next – how do you revive a dead battery?
If your vehicle’s near a power outlet and you already own a battery charger – or you can borrow a friend’s – you should be able to connect it all up and the vehicle might be good to go in a few hours. 
But what if you’re nowhere near a power outlet and you need to get going a lot quicker?  It doesn’t matter how powerful your regular battery charger is – if you can’t plug it in anywhere, it’s no use to you. 

You could be stuck at the side of the road, in a public car park or out in the wild – but if your battery’s flat and you can’t get power, you’re not going anywhere.


Free yourself from a flat battery with the CS FREE! 

Wherever you are, simply reach for the CS FREE that will give life back to your battery using our unique Adaptive Charging Technology. It’s totally safe for the vehicle, the battery and you – and you will be back on the road within 15 minutes.

What is Adaptive Boost?

The CS FREE is an Adaptive Booster that will get you going from a flat battery within 15 minutes. It automatically analyses the state of the battery and works out the safest way of giving it enough power to start the vehicle. Unlike most boosters or jump starters, the CS FREE is sensitive to the state of the battery and only gives it the charge it needs to get you started. So it's a 12V power bank for your car or other vehicle that is completely safe for the battery and your vehicle electronics.


Keep your CS charger safe, secure and accessible with this robust and versatile wall mount.

The CS WALL MOUNT features CTEK’s unique SLIDELOCK ™ function to hold your CS charger securely. Designed and tested in Sweden, this hard wearing accessory can be permanently wall mounted or temporarily hung on a hook.

The CS WALL MOUNT gives you easy access to all your CS charger’s functions and has a practical clamp mount to keep your charger cables stored neatly.

  • Practical, secure storage
  • Unique SLIDE-LOCK™ function
  • Fixed to the wall or can be safely hung on a hook