CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger Box - (Box quantity of 10)

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CTEK MXS 5.0 (56-975) General Information - 5 Year Warranty

  • Latest 2023 model
  • Supplied with a UK 3 pin plug
  • Comfort Connect compatible: Yes.
  • Input voltage: 220-240VAC, 50-60Hz.
  • Output voltage: 14.4V, 14.7V, 15.8V.
  • Charging current: 5A.
  • Ripple <4%.
  • Ambient Temperature -20 deg.C to +50 deg.C, output power is reduced automatically at higher temperatures.
  • Cooling: Induction.
  • Charger Type: Eight step, fully automatic charging cycle.
  • Batteries: 12V lead-acid batteries (Wet, MF, AGM, Calcium/Calcium and GEL).
  • Battery size: 1.2-110Ah.
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 168x65x38mm.
  • Insulation: IP 65.
  • Weight: 0.6kg.

With stop-start technology becoming increasingly widespread, the new MXS 5.0 model now gains a dedicated mode for AGM batteries commonly used in this type of vehicle. It also gains multi-mode functionality (denoted by the red mode button), meaning it's now possible to select AGM and RECOND charge profiles in any mode - so you can run a recondition cycle on a smaller battery, or optimally charge a small AGM to the correct voltage.

Temperature compensation is now also taken care of automatically. Where the previous model required manual switching into cold weather mode by the user when required, the new model now uses sophisticated internal electronics to detect ambient temperature, adjusting its charge fully automatically. This results in improved charging in extreme cold and reduces the risk of overcharging in very hot conditions.

The MXS 5.0 is a charger that offers state of the art technology that was previously only found in CTEK's professional product range. The charger can solve a broad range of battery-related problems and is the perfect charger for those with high demands. The MXS 5.0 offers features such as battery diagnosis that shows if a battery can receive and retain a charge, a special reconditioning function that restores stratified and deeply discharged batteries, unique maintenance charging, and a mode for optimised charging of demanding AGM batteries (i.e. Optima). The unique display allows the user to follow the entire charging process.

The MXS 5.0 is a fully automatic 8-step charger that delivers selectable 0.8A or 5A to 12V batteries from 1.2-110Ah. The charger is IP 65 rated (splash and dust proof), designed to protect vehicle electronics, non-sparking, reverse polarity protected and short-circuit proof. It also includes a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.